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Your vendor will be 3D mink lashes. Silk lashes. Classic lash. Volume lash. our lashes are made by the best materials. We have own factory, It can save your cost. We have many kinds of beautiful packages. Recently some styles are sold very well.If your online business of selling fake eyelashes performs according to this equation, it will be profitable.
There’s a a lot of things to consider.
1. Where to buy?
Do you have suppliers ready? Where they are from? Cheap and low quality China or higher quality, but more expensive Korean? Do you need to buy in bulk? What are the MOQs? Can you (will you?) sell it as your own brand, or will you sell no-names/resell other brands? Do you need any authorizations to do it? And so on.
2. Where to sell?
Build your own website or use a platform like Amazon? Building a website can take longer but be cheaper. Amazon will charge you heavy commissions and squeeze out every dollar out of you, if you are late with shipments or have quality issues. Can you remain competitive? On the other hand, if you want to build your own shop - what’s your experience in customer acquisition? What’s your experience with shipping? Do you have or plan to have help? Do you have or plan to have somebody to take care of Customer Support? And so on.
3. What’s your cost of running the business?
Are you going to register a company? Where? What’s the tax regime there? Will you need to hire people? What are the labor laws (if any) there? Can you run your business from home or will you have to rent an office (or at least register your business in a commercial, rather than residential area)?
And so on. The questions to ask and answer are a thousand. Some questions you get to know once you find answers to previous ones.
But the Profit equation holds true, no matter what. If the total of your costs is smaller than the total of your revenues, yeah, you shall be profitable.

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