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The essentials to success in wholesale distribution is buying quality products in high demand at low prices. This is usually achieved through high volume. By purchasing items in bulk, wholesale distributors are able to get a low price from manufacturers, who themselves are not equipped to either handle retail sales or shipment. Wholesalers then sell, again in bulk, to retailers at a slightly higher unit price and keep the difference, after costs, as profit.

Wholesale distributors account for about 7 percent of U.S. GDP, generating about $3.2 trillion in 2007. They bring vital goods to market including furniture, office equipment, industrial supplies, and groceries. Typical business operations of a wholesale distributor include marketing, accounting, processing orders, customer service and market research. Which is why we are offering to the hair industry for the self own business owner who needs an extra step up.

Lolette’s Hair Bar Wholesale Program is Designed for any one who wants to get into the hair business with the perfect package for your needs. We understand that you are starting or you might need a little more for your growing business.

Lolette’s Hair Bar raw hair collection is top quality virgin hair imported from India. Our raw hair collection all has minimum short hairs and comes from young donors. It is completely unprocessed and intact.

Our hair is measured when it is stretched. Curly hair can lose between 3-5 inches depending on how tight the curl pattern is. Wavy hair can lose between 1-3 inches.
With the proper care and maintenance our Indian hair should last you 6 to 12 months. If you follow these simple maintenance basics, you can extend the life of your hair and get increased value from longer use.

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