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Lolette’s Hair Bar is a new and upcoming Hair company that was created by Dominique .C. Edwards, in 2009 with only $500. After Dominique completed cosmetology school right after high school. Dominique always had a natural passion for everything having to do with hair as a child. The name "Lolette's Hair Bar " came from Dominique's Aunt that unfortunately passed away from breast cancer in 2000 *hints the pink ribbon in the logo". Lolettes last words to Dominique was "do whatever makes you happy!", from then on out Dominique knew that she had to make sure that her name would one day ring bells in the hair world. With that said Dominique worked in a hand full of beauty salons around the southern Los Angeles County but was never completely satisfied with the atmospheres of the salons. So she continued for 3 plus years to move from shop to shop in hopes that she would find what she felt was missing in those shops. Lolettes Hair Bar started residentially located in Carson CA,. 90746. Dominique was able to double her profit in less than 3 weeks with, back then was a very rare quality of raw brazilian hair. Virgin Brazilian Hair was increasingly becoming one of the most frequent go-to options for women looking for hair extensions. After months of research and testing products Dominique made the executive decision in the winter of 2015 to rebrand her company and discontinue selling Brazilian hair and only sell Indian hair imported from chennai India. Jump forward 3 years to May 2012 Dominique's family was once again dealing with breast cancer. This time Dominique's mom was struggling with a 5yr battle of breast cancer. With this 2nd go round with breast cancer Dominique was more affected not only because it was with her mom but, because she was older and could understand how serious cancer is, she had to solely manage what she was trying to develop with Lolette's Hair Bar, the long daily drives for 2 mths to City Of Hope in Altadena CA.,, and try to keep herself grounded for her own well being and the tribulations she would soon have to face. Dominique's mom Donzetta Edwards was a euthorpreneur herself, and Dominique always had admired her mom's ambition, never taking no as a answer, and her drive to make all her businesses successful. So now Dominique has Lolettes last words and Donzettas ambition that push her daily with the construction of Lolette`s Hair/ Beauty Bar empire.

Dominique “Dollvsbarbie” Edwards

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