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We have seen suppliers that supply blended hair that is processed and far from prue. You might as well go to the beauty supply store. Which is why we take such care in making sure that the hair we provide is the best. Shop Deep Wave NowShop Wavy Now

$100 Bundle Sale

May 1st – 31st
Sale applies to 16″-26″ Indian Wavy Hair Only

It can be overwhelming to choose the right supplier in today’s growing hair extension market, especially as many retailers claim to offer “virgin”, “real”, “premium remy” or “full cuticle” Indian hair. In reality, most suppliers are providing their customers with Chinese or all sorts of blended hair that has been processed and is of “beauty supply store” quality. Some suppliers even chemically texture and process their hair, selling it as “naturally” textured.

Indian Curly

Indian Wavy

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